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Indeed, we're 100% free with billions of documents saved for you to check information. Get your personal history, phone numbers, email addresses, friends, colleagues, criminal records, and more. It's effortless to use our service. Just enter what you have: name, phone number, or address, and hit the search button for the new people search. In almost no time, you'll get the results! So, what are you waiting for?

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We have almost a billion individuals in our data search engine. Now, you can use people finder for anyone who has been born in the last 80 years. With the massive archive, we're going to make sure the knowledge you get is as comprehensive as possible. We always announce new and reliable search-based data, just like other paid services.

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Kwold User Feedback Nearly 260 million phone numbers, including mobile phone numbers.

You can always request the extension of your personal information from our service. We guarantee data deletion within three business days.

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