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from San Antonio, TX

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  • 423 Mahota Dr, San Antonio, TX 78227 • 2106450129 • 2106730687

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  • Kit And Method To Retrofit Heating Elements For Curling Iron Holder

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  • US Patent:
    56480040, Jul 15, 1997
  • Filed:
    Apr 19, 1996
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Claudie Simpson - San Antonio TX
  • International Classification:
    A45D 120
    H05B 102
  • US Classification:
  • Abstract:
    A kit and method is applied to industrial curling iron heating stations in order to extend their useful service lifetime. These stations, as normally manufactured, contain low temperature 120 VAC internal wiring which tends to crystallize and short out when subjected to daily use. The invention comprises a thermally conductive threaded tube attached to the heating station base, high temperature wires which replace the low temperature 120 VAC internal wiring of the station, and a 120 VAC socket which connects to the wires and is attached to the tube. The low temperature wiring is then connected to a retrofit 120 VAC plug, which mates with the retrofit 120 VAC socket. After the retrofit operation is complete, the station useful life is no longer limited by heat induced degradation of the low temperature 120 VAC wiring.
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Claudie Simpson
President, Secretary, Director
Claudie & Sons Barber & Beauty Equipment Repair, Inc
423 Mahota Dr, San Antonio, TX 78227
Claudie Simpson
PRESIDENT, President, Secretary, Director
423 Mahota Dr, San Antonio, TX 78227

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