Lee Scott Turek

age ~73

from Lanark, IL

Also known as:
  • Lee S Turek
  • Lee Jo Turek
  • Lee Jol Turek
  • Lee E Turek
  • Lee F Turek
  • Scott Turek Lee
  • Lee S Turke
  • Lauren Turek
  • Laurie Turek
  • Jo Turek
Phone and address:
27-40 Ridgeview Dr, Lanark, IL 61046

Lee Turek Phones & Addresses

  • 27-40 Ridgeview Dr, Lanark, IL 61046
  • 230 Old Forge Rd, Elgin, IL 60123
  • 1312 Blackhawk Dr, Elgin, IL 60120
  • 134 Bridgewater Ct, Bradenton, FL 34201
  • College Station, TX
  • Costa Mesa, CA

Vehicle Records

  • Lee Turek

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  • Address:
    230 Old Frg Rd, Elgin, IL 60123
  • VIN:
  • Make:
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  • Year:


Lee Turek Photo 1

Lee Turek

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Elgin, IL
Arts And Crafts
Lee Turek Photo 2

Lee Turek

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Lee Turek Photo 3

Lee Turek Harris

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Kane Harrison, Sara Harrison, Marlene Anne Harrison, Cathy Harrison
Lee Turek Harrison
Lee Turek Photo 4

Kristen Lee Turek

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Lee Turek Photo 5

Kristen Lee Turek

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Lee Turek Photo 6

Dianne Lee Turek

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Judi Kagiwada, David Potter, Matt Landry, Heather Forand, Jim Potter


TOKiMONSTA - Little Pleasures feat Gavin Ture...

DOWNLOAD - My remix of TOKiMONSTA's amazing track...

  • Category:
  • Uploaded:
    23 May, 2011
  • Duration:
    4m 7s

Realities of Combat- Todd Raymond

ECO Championship Fight- Todd Raymond vs Karl Turek. Realities of Comba...

  • Category:
  • Uploaded:
    26 Jan, 2011
  • Duration:
    14m 27s

JFK Assassination: The Making of "Rush to Jud...

October 1989 Watch the full program: thefilmarchived......

  • Category:
    Film & Animation
  • Uploaded:
    20 Sep, 2009
  • Duration:
    9m 26s

Freezepop - "Super Sprde"

Directed by Dan Turek and Lee Gerstein ... you may recognize this song...

  • Category:
  • Uploaded:
    13 Apr, 2006
  • Duration:
    3m 30s

Circle Mirror Transformation Preview

This is a preview video for CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION at Kansas Cit...

  • Category:
  • Uploaded:
    20 Feb, 2011
  • Duration:
    5m 8s

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist wi...

LIVE from Fresno State (Fresno, CA).

  • Duration:
    2h 41m 15s

Biologist CONFRONTS Frank Turek on Gender The...

Biologist CONFRONTS Frank Turek on Gender Theory I've partnered with T...

  • Duration:
    11m 44s

Frank Turek Answers Atheist's 3 Objections to...

At UT Dallas, Christian Apologist Frank Turek from CrossExamined.Or......

  • Duration:
    9m 6s

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