Rosemarie C Palladino

age ~80

from Chelsea, MA

Also known as:
  • Rosemarie O Palladino
  • Rose C Palladino

Rosemarie Palladino Phones & Addresses

  • Chelsea, MA

License Records

Rosemarie Palladino

Chelsea, MA 02150
License #:
3003629 - Expired
Expiration Date:
Aug 6, 2001
Manicurist Type 3


Rosemarie Palladino Photo 1

Rosemarie Palladino Stat...

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Remember Rosemarie Palladino from the past? Use the friend finder at MyLife to get back in touch with pals, classmates, and colleagues.


Rosemarie Palladino Photo 2

Rosemarie Palladino's Pub...

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Rosemarie Palladino's Public Profile on Plaxo. Plaxo helps members like Rosemarie Palladino keep in touch with the people who really matter, helping them to ...


Rosemarie Palladino Photo 3

Rosemarie Polcino (Pallad...

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Archbishop Ryan for Girls Philadelphia PA 1978-1982
Kathy Kathleen
Rosemarie Palladino Photo 4

Rosemarie Palladino (Sale...

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St. Clare Academy Hastings-on-hudson NY 1970-1974
Sharen Nolan, Jody Scaduto, Suzanne Brown
Rosemarie Palladino Photo 5

Archbishop Ryan for Girls...

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Rosemarie Palladino (1978-1982),
Karen Clay (1974-1978),
Marie Anderson (1967-1971),
Mary Dalton (1967-1971),
Sean Kullman (1980-1984)
Rosemarie Palladino Photo 6

Francis Lewis High School...

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Fern Goodhart (1969-1972),
Maria Aversano (1973-1977),
Gayle Greenman (1969-1972),
Rosemarie Palladino (1961-1963)
Rosemarie Palladino Photo 7

Our Lady Queen of Peace S...

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Rosemary Palladino (1960-1969),
John McCahey (1990-2000),
Lisa Cali (1980-1985),
Debbie Lein (1961-1968),
William Haggerty (1977-1985)
Rosemarie Palladino Photo 8

Mt. Carmel School, Mt. ve...

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Daisy Andrioli (1983-1985),
Rosemary Palladino (1961-1965),
Robert Figliuzzi (1965-1969),
Gail Anderson (1972-1976)
Rosemarie Palladino Photo 9

St. Barnabas High School,...

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Rosemary Palladino (1965-1969),
Marianne Griffin (1970-1974),
Joanne Crocitto (1960-1964),
Eileen Rochford (1959-1963),
Patricia Shannon (1974-1978)
Rosemarie Palladino Photo 10

St. Joseph Hill Academy, ...

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Rosemary Palladino (1969-1971),
Michele Plastino (1975-1978),
Kimberly Matias (1984-1993),
Kristen Siller (1997-2001)


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